The bar had been raised. Could Drunkboxer give me the booze that I choose?

Spooky Salmonella Sip

1 egg yolk, raw
Splash of Gin
Splash of bottom shelf whiskey
Garnish with boo berry marshmallow

It was a lot worse than I thought, mainly because the liquor hit first then the raw egg flopped out of the shot glass into my mouth a second later.

Also my "garnish" didn't really work since marshmallows dissolve almost instantly in gin/whiskey apparently.

Finally, it was left to Number_6 to take things from mildly eccentric to 100% pure terror.

OK, I would never do this normally but I am already drunk (Russnote: Being drunk and having access to the internet is not recommended and could lead to embarrassment or death). What ingredients do I have handy? Vodka, Canadian whisky, Jack Daniels, beer, milk, tomato juice, cranberry juice, OJ, mustard, salad dressing, chocolate sauce, tomatillo salsa, and Coke.

After mixing roughly one dash of "everything"...except I bailed on the salad dressing. The cup was full and I don't think it would mix well anyway.

Oh God, it tastes bad. Initial reaction? It's predominantly like a Bloody Mary with OJ. Not the worst drink ever. But now the mustard and sweet Coke taste is coming in. The dairy part (the milk and chocolate syrup) is surprisingly cloaked, I cant really taste it. But I...shit, this is disgusting consistency, it's getting thicker and whiter as I drink. I didn't blend it so the dairy stuff seems to be coming to the top.

I've only had about two ounces and if I drink anymore of this I'm going to puke.

Congratulations to everyone who wasted at least $50 worth of alcohol! You're all winners! The fun continues over the page with some tasty sweet treats given a revolting twist by the forum goons.

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