The last image this week comes from ZenMaster, even although he messed up. I don't see Sonic anywhere in this picture?????

The Comedy Goldmine is out of rings and it's Game Over for another week. As usual, I owe the lives of my unborn children to the forum goons who contributed to this week's article. For a special treat this time around, the last word goes to our very own Lowtax. He took the theme of Sonic drawings to an all new level with his painting of our favorite spiky blue hedgehog. It's just a shame that his Dr Robotnik is trash! In fact, the painting sucks so much I'm not even going to watermark it, only a crazy person would want to steal that garbage! If I'm not hunted down and killed by old man Kyanka for my criticism of his art, I'll see you next week for another Comedy Goldmine.

– Craig "Russ" Russell

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