Zack: Alright, I admit, I was summoned to this drama about the rape powers that launched the article, but this is what made me write the article. Nothing I have covered in all of WTF, D&D has ever made me angrier than this fucking sickening comic.

Steve: It's too mature to show.

Zack: Fuck that, I don't care about mature, or joking. These guys who made this are pieces of shit to draw a comic of a child with demon vaginas on her body about to get raped like depicting the most disgusting thing possible in graphic detail belongs in a fucking game book. What the fuck do you pieces of shit bring to rape or child rape or any of this shit with your stupid demon comic? White Wolf isn't a joke, it's garbage, and everyone who works for them can get fucked with sticks of dynamite. Multiple people looked at this and said, "Huh huh this is so sick. I love it. This will gross people out big time."

Steve: Dang dude you sound mad.

Zack: They're making a game for people to play. They don't deserve these sorts of issues. It's no different than some hack horror director upending a bucket of guts onto a dummy. They deal with rape and child rape with all the tact of Kevin Siembieda assigning hit locations to a giant robot refrigerator. No fucking offense to K-dog either. He wouldn't sink to this level. What power can the 12 year old rape monster give our demon warrior? Fuck these people. I'm done with this shit.

Steve: Yeah.

Zack:: Hooray for the 3,280 idiots who donated to this garbage. I hope you get some more little kid rape comics to make your level ten Commanche cogsmith real powerful, you dumbfucks.

Steve: Uh.

Zack:: Burn in hell.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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