Zack: That's good enough when you combine it with his experience of repeatedly going to hospitals. The symptoms the waiter is exhibiting seem to be from long term radiation exposure.

Steve: What else is around this Chi-Chis?

Zack: The business that caught your eye when you pulled in was a Morton Downey Jr. campaign office in the adjacent strip mall. Considering he has been surging in the polls and threatening Bill Clinton and George Bush, it seemed odd that the office looked abandoned.

Steve: We need to get into that office. Eazy-E will take a rain check on those enchiladas and head back out to the car.

Zack: You are actually in Kurt's conversion van. One side has an airbrushed diagram of a woman's reproductive system and the other side has an airbrushed image of flowers dripping with blood spelling out the word ENEMY. The back is full of the various ritual components used to restore Krist Novoselic from death.

Steve: That's not really helping here. Left Eye needs to like use a little bit of the plastic explosives to blow a hole into the door.

Zack: You're going to have Left Eye blow her way into the campaign office?

Steve: Just a tiny bit.

Zack: She is a demolitions expert, she knows just the right amount to use.

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