#4 Sacrificing the retarded to make the magic happen

Zack: Finally, a game that includes the handicapped! Sure, it's murdering them for mana points, but they have to start somewhere.

Zack: Jackie Robinson got his start being murdered by the negro leagues to teleport Babe Ruth and his massive circumference anus into the middle of a game against some cave trolls.

Steve: Subtly the creepiest thing on that list is that adults and young-adults are chained naked to an altar, but the old people and the babies are left clothed.

Zack: By the way, if you notice that number at the front of each item it has a lot of zeros. That's because this is one of many d1000 or greater random tables in the book.

Steve: Hey, sometimes the players want to know what sort of salt flakes to sprinkle over a naked 12 year old girl to give a bladder infection to a woman a mile away.

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