Steve: If you look at the old GW Rogue Trader book this is what all of the aliens look like. Different weird bug combinations.

Zack: It reminds me of those taxidermy chimeras they have at truck stops where they glue antlers to a rabbit or chicken wings to a pig.

Steve: I think I saw one of those rabbit things before. Those are real things.

Zack: Where did you see this and don't say America's Funniest People.

Steve: I don't remember but it definitely wasn't America's Funniest People. It had that guy from Full House and the woman from that rehab show. And they showed videos about real things.

Zack: That's America's Funniest People.

Steve: If you say so.

Zack: Steve, you're as incorrigible as whatever British dickbag is responsible for this bug-lobster bullshit.

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