More Monster, More Problems

The Monster Manual contains dozens of real world animals, everything from swarms of rats to six redundant pages of dinosaurs, and each is assigned statistics and given descriptions of their habits and behavior. Some of these animals are also presented as giants, which are naturally more dangerous. A few giant variety animals inexplicably developed supernatural powers.

Zack: Run, elf-man, run.

Steve: I saw a slug do that.

Zack: Chase a terrified elf?

Steve: It was on a rain gutter. Not the gutter part. The part where the water comes out of the gutter. There was a bird messing with it and I guess it had enough and spit acid.

Zack: No.

Steve: Yeah, it turned around and spit out acid and the bird's face dissolved.

Zack: No, this never happened.

Steve: They can do it. Defense mechanism. The slug is afraid of us as we are of him.

Zack: I'm not afraid of a slug.

Steve: Well a giant one. Imagine how much acid that would be.

Zack: Slugs can't spit acid at a person!

Steve: Maybe if it thought you were a bird.

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