He IS the ladies man!

The Chick Magnet costume includes a red and silver foam "magnet" with attached baby chicks. They won't be able to explain it, but the ladies will feel an unexplained attraction to you!

  • Available in one size fits most adults, sizes Large/X-Large.
  • Shirt and pants are not included.

Dr. Thorpenstein: I found this by searching the costume site for "Yeah, I get it, it's just not funny."

Zackula: Includes foam magnet, attached chicks, and incredible douchebag feeling as you walk into a party.

Dr. Thorpenstein: This is like the opposite of the heron costume, because you spend all night going around the party and trying to sell the joke. "Yeah, but the phrase 'chick magnet' has a double meaning, because this costume is literally a magnet that attracts baby chickens, but the phrase can also mean a person who is attractive to women, so..."

Zackula: I don't know though, I almost think this would work if you want to screw a really drunk chick. This is exactly the sort of idiotic joke a drunk girl would see and understand from across the room and come over to tell you loudly.


Dr. Thorpenstein: If there was actually some foolproof or even semi-effective way to guarantee bagging a drunk girl, it probably wouldn't be on clearance for $12.99.

Zackula: That's a very good point. If compelling oratory is only worth 100 dollars the guarantee of bagging a drunk girl has got to be worth like 50 or 60 thousand.

Dr. Thorpenstein: It seems like they've having some trouble selling this, so maybe they should just try another angle and instead of labeling it "chick magnet," they could call it "guy who is not funny."

Dr. Thorpenstein: Yo, did you see Dave's guy who is not funny costume? He totally had me fooled in that thing.

Zackula: Oh, I thought the not funny costume looked a lot like your face.

Dr. Thorpenstein: Yeah, well... you don't even need a costume to look like a guy who is not funny.

Dr. Thorpenstein: Hey, is it Halloween? Because you look like you're not funny right now!

Dr. Thorpenstein:
Oh, I guess it is Halloween.

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