Zack:"Wait until you check out this nigga's Beanie Baby collection."

Dr. Thorpe:"Hey yo grandma, get y'all ass over here and clean up this fake ivy and shit, it distracts the eye from my motherfuckin' miniatures."

Zack:"Yo, and on your way could you pick up my Woodstock and Linus stuffed animals? Snoopy be gettin' muthafuckin' lonely."

Dr. Thorpe:"Hey ma? Drag ya wack ass home and tie my motherfuckin' shoes, you left a nigga standin' here like a buster with his kicks all unlaced and you know I can't bend down to tie the motherfuckers cause my shorts is down so low my ass would be all hangin out and shit."

Zack:"Ma! Ma! Help me, my pants is eatin' my fuckin' legs and shit! My knees and my ankles is mergin' and morphin' together!"

Dr. Thorpe:He looks like Kid Rock's midget sidekick on casual friday.

Zack:That dwarf was the only thing that made Kid Rock tolerable. I could just imagine him on his tour bus lowering the dwarf gently into its terrarium and putting some baby mice in there for it to eat.

Dr. Thorpe:I like to think he had one of those artificial strap-on nursing breasts and he would hold him in his arms and let him suckle after the concert.

Zack:Whatever method Kid Rock used to care for his midget, we both know that the tender and nurturing side of Kid Rock died with the dwarf.

Dr. Thorpe:"Hey yo Kid, it's Joe, what's a playa gotta do to get some milk up in here, cuz? I'm fuckin starvin my ass off, my moms and I just hit up Halloween Boo-Tique and bought some little stuffed ghosts and now I just wanna lie back and get me some teat."

Zack:"Kid, come on, don't play me like that. I can't stand your pumped out bullshit tastin' like your fucking refrigerator. I need it fresh from your succulent bosom."

Dr. Thorpe:"Shit, this ain't even warmed up, you think I'm some kind of bitch? Bring me my motherfuckin' blankie before I bust your wack ass."

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