Dr. Thorpe:I had the same outfit but it got confiscated by the police.

Zack:Yeah, I saw that outfit being sold in the redundancy department at JC Penny.

Dr. Thorpe:I think the point of this garish outfit is to distract the eye from the decor. What is that thing? A catcher's mitt made out of strawberry Jell-o?

Zack:I think it's a kitchen built outside in the jungle.

Dr. Thorpe:They dress her up in this outfit and send her out into the bush to draw out leopards.

Zack:I think that's somehow racist but I haven't completed my court-mandated cultural sensitivity class. We're still on the chapter where they explain how Polish people don't really build houses upside down.

Dr. Thorpe:What the hell is this ridiculous revisionist history they're teaching nowadays?

Zack:It's what happens when the world gets too politically correct and suddenly it's not okay to gag when you see a Chinese person getting a drink from a drinking fountain.

Dr. Thorpe:Next they'll be telling us the Welsh don't really run on coal dust.

Zack:I don't even know what a Welsh is, but they sound absolutely filthy.

Dr. Thorpe:Well, then you basically DO know what a Welsh is.

Zack:Oh, they're related to the Chinese.

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