~*~ FYAD ~*~
Reppin': liquidator vrunt
"FYAD is the cool place to hang out. You can find most of the cool people there. In FYAD you can just chill and do whatever and totally relax. "Take it easy" is the FYAD motto, for example, that's how laid back it is there. Show up if you want to have a good time. Another good reason to show up is if you want to hang out with friends." - C. Cardigan

fwt carves fyad and other things into arms/chest, attempts suicide, fun for all - fishing with therapy gives suicide shoutouts to his fyad friends. Be sure to check out the congrats lowtax celebration thread and the summary thread.

yo stop beecocking me - This guy is a badposting idiot. Good luck trying to insult Moonshine into submission, Sombo. It isn't going to happen. Be sure to check out all the parts of this thread where people have typed my username.

I am the blessed pharoah Hehtehmeh - Not many people posted in this thread because they're all dumb. Brendle is smart and knows about Egypt. I'm cool and I know about partying and sex and fashion.

Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) Arrested for Masturbating in Airport Bathroom - I didn't click the politics argument forum to check, but I'm pretty sure that the Larry Craig thread in there is shit compared to this one. I hate the other forums with all my heart.

Attention lurkers - Corsair lures posters into his thread and then mercilessly insults them. This is what will happen to you if you EVER try to post in fyad. Don't stop lurking or else.

Its 2007 and youre still not using linux. - Here is this week's Operating System thread. In fyad We don't censor dissenting content, we welcome it. Uncensored social news and social bookmarking. Discuss stories that make you think.

~*~ BYOB ~*~
Reppin': CaptainWinky
BYOB is all about maxin' and relaxin'. Attempt any other activities and you will quickly find yourself at the wrong end of an angry nerd's keyboard! It's blue and all you're supposed to do is chill with your friends, making it almost exactly like being trapped in a collapsed igloo with the math team.

I WANT TO BUY A BABY - Speaking as a baby, I find this thread very offensive. Lemme just wail and whine a bit until my soiled diaper aroma overwhelms you and you pass out from those distilled Gerber fumes. Yeah, you hit the floor hard and you're in my world now!!! I just BURPED UP A SHITLOAD. Some of it got on your face.

post the books you are currently reading - Read this thread about reading. Worlds of imagination are in these books if you'd only take the time to open one and stick your face deep inside. When that gets old, make your own books! The Animorphs and Nancy Drew board a ghost ship...what treacherous horrors lurk within?

Goodbye for now! - cat scratch achiever, Duke of the House of YOB, is on an important diplomatic mission. Wish him well, recommend restaurants and bars, or just sit back and imagine the air from inside the airplane drifting all around you. Feel that warmth on your left hand? That's me, I just sat next to you and my thigh kind of oozed over there. The flight's only seven hours, so stop your crying.

Your Avatar in Clay Maybe - Good goon steve343 was suspended for making bongs in art class. Still trying to overcome his anger today, he humbly offers his artistic talents to the rest of BYOB. See yourself in clay form, and use the wild new perspective to refine your posts.

~*~ Pet Island ~*~
Reppin': light_urple
Are you a pet fan? A fan of pets? Do you kiss your pets more than you kiss people? Have you ever given a cat CPR? Do you sometimes wish you could have pot-bellied pig babies? You disgust me.

My Chihuahua has a hole in it. - It's a bird! It's a plane! NO! It's a bug growing inside of your dog!

Dwarf puffers anyone? - Dwarf puffers are cute little fish that can happily live in some of those smaller tanks that aren't fit for most fish!

Counter-Depression Thread Unit - After last week's "horrible things your parents told you" thread, we need some happy stories!

What to look for in a reputable breeder? - PI talks about getting purebred pets from "reputable breeders" a lot, but what does that really mean?

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