Fox of Stone posted:

I normally have great hygiene and a showering schedule. But, during the summer months when I don't have classes, only have a part-time job, and the AC's out while the Sun loves fucking you with humidity, I purposely don't shower. I do it because I feel pride in my stink during these times - I would ambush my brother and spread the love through my armpits. He still has me beat from the one time when we lived in El Paso and his stench projected 5 feet away from his armpits.

I still shower when I'm going out, but primal instict tells me I must compete against my bros. It goes with the playful wrestling and the armpit hold is the loser's reward. Back in middle and early high school when I'd sleep at a friend's house for 2-3 days at a time, we sometimes wrestled in bouts of honor and declared the stinkiest the winner. Then we had watergun fights.
Two Worlds posted:
FYI, the bukkake thing is just a myth. Bukakke is 100% American/European, they just invented some sort of kawaii backstory for it to make it seem more exotic. (Not a weeaboo or anything, I just consider myself a connessier of fine bukkake)

See, you'd think that'd be pretty hot, but don't make the same mistake I did. I watched Lesbian Bukkake 2 or something like that. It was supposed to be a group of girls all squirting on some girl in a shallow pit (an empty pool, I think) but in reality all it was was just a bunch of girls peeing on her being made to look like squirting. The fun kinda ended when one of the girls exerted herself so much peeing that she let some poop fall out.
HMG posted:
just wondering if you guys played orgasm wars with each other when younger, but not in a gay way?

like just to showoff and race and show your superiority or something cavelike?

not sexy or anything but just a race to see who could shoot first and whoever did was allowed to spray the other as a sign of shame kind of.

i used to play this game with many, i won some and lost some. kind of funny thinkin back on it, when the winner used to cum he would run after the other guy trying to get his sperma all over the other one, hopefully making him change clothes, etc.

then the other guy cummed, then cleaned it up and it was over. no gay feelings or talk. guys also used to do this for fun outdoor like on top of a roof or something, trying to hit a target and or person/animal below.
Xizer posted:
I don't want to drag this thread off topic, so this is all I'm going to say on this matter: LazyTown is shot in 1080p High Definition with surround sound. Each episode has a budget of over $600,000. The production values are incredible, and there are often jokes and references only an adult would understand. The music is unprecedented for a kids' show, and there is heavy use of CGI.

With constant action, and a goal of not trying to teach kids their ABC's or some shit like Sesame Street, LazyTown is not your typical kids' show. Each episode, while it does have some underlying moral theme, it does not force it upon you nor is it too obvious by any means.

LazyTown is therefore easily enjoyed by adults because of these factors. The show's just energetic and fun, and a great break from the harsh reality of life.
exquisite tea posted:
Spuuchu, what would you say are some definite do's and dont's of DIY cosplay? I'm going to my first i-Con this year (as General Hakuro from Hagane no renkinjutsushi)and I have experience tailoring, but I want to make sure that my costume holds up well under the stress and activity for all three days. I also get pretty sweaty when I'm worked up and don't want any unsightly pitstains on the uniform, so I'm looking at lighter fabrics right now. What in your experience is the best kind of material to use for cosplaying that allows maximum mobility and comfort?
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