Lowtax - Yeah, you ever have your car run out of gas?

Raver - nah, I dont have a car, but my friends did.

Lowtax - Woah, that sucks!

Raver - it did, we had to walk.

Lowtax - It wouldn't have happened if Gas 4 U Online was up!

Raver - But we didn't have a computer in the car.

Lowtax - You dont need a computer, you just need to get on the Internet!

Lowtax - Hey, what font are you going to put the webpage in?

Raver - Airel

Lowtax - Can you make it +5 font size? You know, for the old people who cant see.

Raver - sure but thats big.

Lowtax - Just use Painshop!

Lowtax - Can you embed a song by the Chemical Brocts? They're the best!!!

Raver - yeah, i gotta make the webpages in a webpage program, you use hotdog?

Lowtax - Nah, I use AOL, you know, Information Superhighway and all.

Raver - haha, AOL

Lowtax - SHUT UP, AOL will power my business to success, I can choose 18 screen names. Normally I can only choose 7, but I hacked it and now I have 18 different screen names.

Raver - why do u use AOL?

Lowtax - I am going to bundle my Gas 4 U online software with AOL trial CDs so people will get 2 gallons of free gas when they subscribe.

Raver - ohhhhhhhhh, kewl.

Lowtax - Do you know any celebrities that will endorse Gas 4 U Online? I need some celebrities.

Raver - hmm, no, sorry

Lowtax - I know that fat guy from "Head of the Class", Dennis Blunden I think. But he's doing sock commercials in Taiwan now, so he can't do it. You know what the name of the kid who was FRed Savage's friend in "The Wizard" was?

Raver - who?

Lowtax - The kid that scored 50,000 points on Ninja Gaiden.

Raver - never heard of that, I don't know.

Lowtax - Hey, do you know what the name of the kid who was Fred Savage's friend in "The Wizard" was?

Raver - no, I dont know that, u know nething about frames?

Lowtax - Yeah, green on the left frame, pink on the right.

Raver - huh?

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