Cruel fate, in the guise of WhaleFormerJohn, intervened at this point and her blog was discovered. It provided key-insight into the mindset of a human being terribly afflicted with Asperger's Syndrome. The goons had to act quickly to stay one step ahead of her deletions.

[ mood | crappy ]

This came up while playing with my digital camera. The self-timer went wonky and the sunlight was in just a right position...ergo, a sweet photo ^^ And yes that's my dragon hoodie. And those are rose petals I yanked off my mom's rosebush.Okay, people who've known me for a while. You all know this one's coming.

I'm fat.

Not just that. I'm a fat, disgusting weeaboo with no life outside of my computer, anime and manga.

I just got a debit card and I can't wait to spend it.

....On Rozen Maiden dolls and Yu Yu Hakusho wallscrolls.

Also, my weight has hit a new high. 237 pounds.

I may be an expansion/pregnancy fetishist, but I look like a disgusting lardass and I am NOT happy with my image at all.

The fat acceptance movement just doesn't work for me. It's a way of emphasizing "Hey! You're a disgusting lardass with no life who can't resist a lardburger from McShitty's, but we love you anyway! And we're gonna constantly bring up the fact you're fat, but you're supposed to feel good about being a fatass!"

For a year or so now I've tried to convince myself I was okay with my image.

God damn it, I'm in denial.

I need to go on a diet.

Of course, I'm not trying to get down to a size 3 in a month. That's unrealistic. What I want to do is get to a size 12 or 10 by the end of the year, if that's at all possible. All I need is a change in my eating habits and about an hour of Wii Boxing every day. Only problem is I'm terminally lazy.

Zeph worked with an Aspie's focus on deleting her websites and deviant-art page and even her incriminating wikipedia profile ("This user has carpal tunnel syndrome", "This user frequents 4chan"). She wasn't fast enough for Racist Underwear, who discovered her list of likes and hates, emotions once thought beyond Aspergeroids.

Has it already been seven days since I ate that whole pie?Things Zeph Likes

Computers, Anime, Detachment, the color indigo, Final Fantasy, the metaphysical, movies that make you think, Late-night hacking runs. Linux. Firefox. Compassionate conservatism. Writing. Platonic love. Kurama. Nighttime. Intelligence. Wind. Snow. City lights. Computer parts. Wearing computer parts. UV-reactive things. Roses. Indigo children. Ireland. Scotland. Flutes. Caffeine. Sleeping. Open Source software.

Things Zeph Hates

North Carolina. People who try to play the bagpipes and ultimately show the world that they fail. The Middle East. Stereotypes. Microsoft. Macintosh. Pretentious people. Idiots, Cheaters, liars and other such vermin. Large insects, especially of the flying type. CSS. Internet Exploiter. Suits. Melodrama. Dickweed teachers. People who rub their advanced education in your face. Psychopaths. Far right people. Babies. Children. Women who extol the virtues of motherhood. Soccer moms. SUVs. Chevrolet. Opera. Fast food. People who think that autism means retardation. Special ed. Hypocrites. Religion. Socialites. Paris Hilton. Pregnant celebrities.

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