Several forum-goers accused Zeph of faking her illness. She closed her thread and began deleting her Youtube videos in which she complained about dandruff and her mustache. Unfortunately, some cruel mod or admin on the SA Forums decided to reopen her thread. Zeph was forced to respond to her critics.

For those people saying it's a fake disorder, nobody here has seen me in real life. If you could see me in real life and just watch my behavior for even a few minutes you'd be able to see some traits extremely similar to autism. I have repetitive fidgeting-type behaviors, marked lack of ability to process spoken language, monotone-type voice when I do speak, and a strange tendency to stop speaking mid-sentence. I also have an obsessive tendency to find patterns in things, especially geometric shapes in seemingly chaotic images.

Though I've said my autism is quite easy to spot if you're familiar with the disorder, it's not as obvious as it was years ago, before it was first diagnosed and through middle and early high school. I was a total wreck back then, displaying even more of the classic autistic behaviors.

To be honest I think my social weaknesses come from the environments I was in before I learned about my disorder.

I am glad to say I've come a long way since my early high-school years when I was hiding under tables, throwing chairs at people and running out of the classroom.

As for my current problems of staying at home on the Internet, I'm wondering what person in their late teens/early 20's didn't live with their parents for that time until they started going to college? You can't graduate from high school and be all "Hey presto! I'm all grown up with a job, family and driver's license and everything!" the next day. I'm only here because I have no place else to go, and I'd like to get prepared and get through 2+ years of college before I attempt to hold down a job. Frankly, I'm just not responsible enough right now.

The disorder and all that aside, there's really only one obstacle I need to overcome. Once I've gotten over this barrier I should be functioning on a level that can be considered normal for someone my age. That's the whole point I created this thread for.

In what way (not involving risks to my life and dignity) could I improve my communication skills so what's in my mind and what I'm saying mean the same thing as what a person hears?

When people talk to me they have to be very clear and concise, otherwise I won't get it. Does that work both ways?

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