Hey Criss,

I got your letter about your ideas for the meeting. First of all, you keep asking "too much?" and the answer is "never!!!" You can never do anything "too much," that's ridiculous. Second of all, I really dig your idea for a magic trick, I just wish I wasn't straight as hell so I could fully appreciate it.

Look, bro, all of your ideas are really interesting. Fascinating. Really. I think the idea of the women carrying the throne or whatever is the most interesting of all of the ideas. Really, though, what I would like to see is something a little more casual. Got any more ideas? I know you can come up with something even better than that. I would really hate it, totally 100%, if I never got to hang out with you again. What would you do without me?

Here's an idea, just shooting them around. What if we rented a penthouse suite at the Luxor and invited a bunch of hot chicks up? I could bring plenty of gorgeous women and I am sure you could invite some of your little magic trick groupies. It would be a blast. JJ always pulls in some decent cougars, if that's your thing. I don't know, not my thing really.

Anyway, think on that. Oh, and let me run this by you. I was thinking of putting together a new outfit that would top last year's outfit. Maybe a midnight-black velvet chasseur's jacket with gold braid, welding goggles, and a rust-colored mohair tricorn about nine sizes too awesome. Get some good chunky boots and a pair of Stillsuit pants (great S-value) off ebay and I'd be in business.

If you can top that, do your best.

Later, bro.


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