To My Ally and Dearest Friend,

it has fallen to me this year to select the site and situation of our annual meeting. I have already spoken with JJ and he seemed to like my ideas, but I always value your insight and unique perspective. We have done Vegas too much, so I have produced some alternatives that I think might suit the needs of the Princes of Midnight. I am in great demand around the globe, so I have not had much time to collect my thoughts on this matter. I present them to you as notes in the hope that you might make some sense of them and help me arrive at a final decision.

Possible Princes of Midnight 2008 locations:

  • A clock tower at midnight, lashed by storms, with ravens swirling in the sky above
  • A rotting galleon, anchored in rough seas that threaten to thrust it upon the rocks and break it apart like so much kindling
  • A cave filled with bats with naked women as waiters. (Blind/blindfolded women?? Too much?)
  • A great silver palanquin carried by women clad head-to-toe in black vinyl and wearing gas masks. Those old Russian ones that are like pale blue and have the creepy eye-holes.
  • I feel these lists must always include the South Pole. The closest point to Hell itself which we can reach on this earth.

I was thinking about illusions I could perform at the gathering. I had this idea of eating something that would kill normal people. Maybe a light bulb. That seemed a bit mundane. What if the light bulb was on and really hot and it was part of some huge billboard of thousands of light bulbs making a really sinister image. Like a black widow spider or a skull? Too much?

Let me know what you think, bro.

You friend,

Criss Angel

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