Fans of football enjoy the pigskin action on the grid iron, but we all know why we really tune in: the amazing commercials. The football passing throws and halfback hikes are just filling time between the commercials. If you tuned in to the Ravens and 49ers game expecting some great ads, this year's Super Bowl did not disappoint. We round up our 9 favorites.

9. The AXE "Astronaut"

The Pitch: A handsome life guard fights off a shark and saves a bodacious babe, but no thanks in store for him, because here comes mister astronaut, a goofy nerd in an astronaut suit. SPLOOSH. Horny for astronuts? You better believe it.

8. OREO's "Library Whisper Fight"

The Pitch: Everybody wants an OREO brand chocolate and cream filled cookie and they can't decide which part of this is better, the molded chocolate fructose wafer or the delicious lard nugget paste compressed between them. It's a real madhouse up in this piece, yo!

7. Bud Light's "Lucky Chair"

The Pitch: Football magic spells on recliner. Makes you think about beer, right? Sexy babes and voodoo black men. Get a beer for your mouth, horny magic man. FOOTBALL!

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