Jellybean Vikings (iPhone/iPad) "$9.95 Snack Attack Pack"

To succeed, a game that relies on micro-transaction must trade on two things: compulsion and addiction. The gameplay itself must be addicting and the compulsion that we must inspire in the player is to buy. We are not selling bags of jellybeans. We are not selling Viking weapons made out of jellybeans that can be used to recover energy for more attacks on candy monsters.

We are selling the idea of power.

Nothing is more addicting than power, but all power is an illusion without the consent of others. Which is why we offer a marketplace that uses recovery jellybeans as currency. It will allow players to exchange candy monsters and candy artifacts for jellybeans. In short, they will be conducting all of their transactions in a currency that they buy from you and which cannot be exchange for actual money.

You will own the market. You, and their participation, will give them power. It's a reality where you have total control to make the illusion real for them.

You will also need endless, confusing promotional events. We can work out the details on those in future meetings.

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