Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves

A slight variation on the standard format. In this, one of the two men turns around immediately and exits the Thunderdome without incident.

Two Men Enter, One Man's Steve

Good luck, Steve! You can do it!

Note: In this mode, only one Steve may enter. If two Steves sign up at the same time they must split up and compete in two separate matches against non-Steve opponents.

Two Women Enter, One Hate Mob Forms

Geez, where did all these guys come from? They're saying the worst things I've heard in my entire life!

Capture the Flag

Sixteen players. Eight per team. Grappling hooks. All power-ups disabled except quad damage. Low grav mutator enabled.

One Man Mentors, One Man Grieves

In this mode, a newly bereaved adult man attempts to mourn his loved one while a different fella hands out life lessons as if he is speaking to a young adult. Competitively.

Two Men Enter Without Sleeves

Big mistake, guys. There's a slight chill in the Thunderdome today. It's practically sweater weather in there!

Three Men Enter

Uhh... is this even possible? Three? Isn't that a violation of the Thunderdome's maximum occupancy code rating?

Four Balls On the Edge of a Cliff

Imagine it. Time works the same way.

Two Men Enter, One Rakes Leaves

Ah, but which one shall do the raking? That is a question for the ages. In this test of wills, two warriors face off to determine who is less willing to perform basic yardwork chores.

Shirts Vs. Skins

Wait, skins? As in no shirt? Oh heck. I'm just here because my friend wanted to play Thunderdome. Now people are taking their shirts off and my waist looks weird from certain angles. Please don't tell me I'm skins. Please don't tell me I'm skins....

– Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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