Steve and Zack return to the weird WW2 of Achtung! Cthulhu, where Steve is playing Bletchley codebreaker Betty Nance, gurkha Gagan "Gags" Chhetri and US Army private Walt Eckard. On their way to a captured German signals outpost called Der Teufelsschanze, a stopover at an alpine beer hall led to a deadly encounter with a knife-wielding maniac carrying a briefcase full of blue crystals. What does the symbol on the dead man's knife mean? What are the crystals for? What will they find when they finally reach the outpost? Maybe some of these questions will be answered in this installment of Catch-666.

Zack: Hey, before we start, a quick note that our Hard Ticket to Baghdad contest winners will be announced one week from today. Thank you for all of the entries!

Steve: There was some pretty rad art.

Zack: Also some very bad art.

Steve: So where were we?

Zack: At a beer hall in the Austrian alps. Private Walt Eckard just shot and killed a mysterious, dagger-wielding man in an overcoat. You opened his briefcase and found it purpose built to carry several blue crystals.

Steve: That's right. Always the crystals. Alright, if we're building a case we need to keep the evidence, so we're going to pack the crystals back up. We might as well hit the road too. I don't think we're going to get a good rest here.

Zack: No, probably not. The tavern owner seems to be going insane at what has happened. He's cursing one minute and then throwing things at you the next.

Steve: Get that jeep started. We're heading to the Devil's Dick.

Zack: Devil's Lair.

Steve: Is that what he calls his dick? That's sort of weird.

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