The Pimp's Gambit2 up, 158 down

To holla at a girl before you see the front of her.

"Damn! Look at that ass! Dare I attempt the Pimp's Gambit?"

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Too Late4 up, 196 down
When someone makes an offensive, insensitive joke about an outdated tragedy of yesteryear.

"I haven't been this hot since the Great Chicago Fire of 1871!"

"Whoa! Too late, man. Too late."

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Cadbury Creme Egg0 up, 46 down
A friend you only see once a year, and always hang out with just long enough to remember that you actually hate him.

"I ran into Greg at the bar and he hung around all night talking about corporate personhood. Dude is such a Cadbury Creme Egg."

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Link1 up, 401 down
A guy so boring that most people only know his girlfriend's name.

"Hey, uh, Shelley's boyfriend, can you grab me a beer?"

"My name's Link, dammit!"

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WTOA3 up, 80 down
Acronym for "Welcome to Obama's America." Used in situations that perfectly encapsulate the uneasy political clime of our day.

"Check out that dog, it's got its own leash in its mouth!"

"WTOA, dude."

0 up, 46 down
Overly depressed and contemplative due to the death of a pet, especially a cat.

"I don't feel like going out tonight. Mr. Skittles died, and it made me wonder about a lot of things; like the fragile nature of life; and whether there's a purpose to it all; or if it's all just a cosmic morass of pain and confusion."

"Damn girl, it's Friday. You picked a fine time to get catsistential."

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