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"Sure, why not?" Australian engineers conclude feasibility study on Emir's $9B Giant Pyramid of Gold

Immigrant Warning: Doha Hindus may soon outnumber Muslims if luxury mega-construction projects continue to grow

Build-a-bear Workshop to open workshop for constructing actual living bears in Emir's Blimp Mall located beneath the world's largest blimp

Romania strikes 10-year, $200 million deal with Qatar to become exclusive prostitute provider

North Korea blames "American imperialist provactivities" for napalm attack on South Korean child hospital

Julian Assange's unwed rape accusers may avoid reciprocal head crushing under liberal Swedish laws

Israeli forest fires force Israelis to wonder what they have done to have their settlements consumed by God's holy wrath

UK government unmoved following release of US cable referring to Gordon Brown as "a living quiver, a golem made from waddles, a shit-ugly pillar of ineptitude"

USA President Barack Obama mistakenly concedes entire domestic agenda to coat on back of chair half-seen in the darkness of his bedroom

UAE makes secret offer to transport and place Washington Monument atop tallest building in the world

Al-Jazeera purchase of Fox News may create Higgs boson or destroy universe instantly

Saudi Arabia to hire Qatar business advisers to demonstrate beating, choking techniques that do not injure guestworkers

New helipad opens near Doha unicorn riding park atop chocolate snow mountain

FIFA World Cup 2022 to be hosted by Qatar following grueling 6-hour bribery conversation

FIFA Judges swayed by strength of presentation, plans for historic construction, hotel rooms for FIFA judges filled with treasure

Guestworkers (excluding prostitutes) to commence mandatory celebration in FIFA bid victory zones

Russia 2018 World Cup bid accepted on strength of yachts, gymnasts given to judges

Qatar football team begins limbering up and practicing fake foul injuries

Bartender robot calculates Ramadan, serves Kafir blinding laser beams as punishment from God

iPod for an iPod: ebay disputes in Qatar, UAE to be covered by Sharia Law

100,000 Air Hogs KidsTech Viper Stunt Plane attack drones purchased from Toys R Us doorbuster to defend Iran from Crusader Armies

Torrents declared Haraam by Islamic Recording Industry Artists of Arabia

Iranian nuclear enrichment facility sabotaged by mysterious computer virus that displays spinning dradle and plays Hava Nagila

$9.3 million: Emir purchases Britney Spears from the Japanese

Billy Ray Cyrus to entertain offers from Emir for daughter weekend Emir bubblebath package

Whistling no longer banned among guestworkers

Cirque du soliel contracted to develop and perform "Mohàmmud" based on the life of the Prophet Mohammed (blessings be upon him) for the Doha Pleasure Casino

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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