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AA guns firing wildly into air scares NATO planes into dropping bombs and fleeing

IMPORTANT: Crowds of cheering babies and toddlers around Gaddafi at all times. All times. Wherever he goes. Sleep in the bed with him.

New USA bomb digs up martyr bodies and has a new funeral for them on State TV

Does America dare to send its beautiful reporter women to Tripoli or are they afraid they will be seduced by handsome, virile Libyan men?

I TOLD YOU: Crazy prostitute who reported false rape was high on drugs smoked from Israeli flag pipe

All people from Benghazi smell super bad and farty, what a load of shits these guys are says science book announced today

TOP REBEL: "I pray the gay Torah in Israel by Skype"

Source of Al Qaeda hallucinogens traced by special government spy rocket to CIA factory in Benghazi

Poll: 100% of rebels are stupid fuckers according to poll

Fucking guys, unbelievable

USA Generals announce plan to target hospitals of Libya: "Especially baby incubators and women areas of hospital."

Dishonorable USA pig fucks love to hug and kiss dogs and eat their cruds

Colonel Gaddafi places call to braggart fucker Donald Trump with bad news: I fuck your daughter in Qatar, shitbrains

Investigation: Barack Obama shackled slave of John McCain and Josh Boehner

USA Libyans rally for Gaddafi beside Gaddafi statue in New York City bigger even than Statue of Shitberty, a shameful statue of deceit

Libya aid to Japan: plane full of Nigerian mercenaries to search for, ransom survivors

Nuclear expert man says be careful maybe Libya has a nuclear reactor so take him seriously

China would be wise to help Libya right now with a bunch of jet fighter say military expert in quote, "I bet Gaddafi would offer 6 oil contracts in exchange for 50 fighter jets right now"

Russia too chicken to do anything even though Russia was at huge orgy I held at my house and I know he is reading this he is chicken bitch

North Korea could not even create an incident to distract things even though we have xbox party every night and watch bad horror movie on netflix together well guess who is not watching human centipede with kim jong un this weekend

Where is Lindsay Lohan? Did she die? Concern spreads for spunky white woman who seems very fun and should visit Tripoli

Yahoo Answers fails to reply to how far a helicopter can get during a "no fly zone" before fighter planes shoot it down thanks a lot timclancy1988 for NO HELP

Place to get Enzyte in Somalia around mid-April????

New passage discovered in Koran says bravest thing more than martyrdom is to fake own suicide and disappear in Thailand with ladyboys

LADIES: Don Draper maybe have a super gross beard + mustache this year on Mad Men?? Probably says TV guyed

New weight restrictions to be enforced on bodyguard women so heads up on that

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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