Dear Zombie Game Graffiti,

I have spent the last twenty years in this god-awful backwater town and I am wondering if I am stuck or will I be able to get out of here? Also, do you know where my parents and sister went?

Small Town Sickness

Dear Zombie Game Graffiti,

Well, it happened again, another girl I was trying to talk to and had my eye on just gave me the cold shoulder when I asked her out to the zombie walk. It's talk like a pirate day all over again. She said she was seeing somebody else, but I know she is lying because I can hear her when she is behind the counter and I'm drinking my coffee. I am sick of being a nerdy nice guy and always finishing last and I am ready to be mean to a girl if that's how she wants to be treated. What can I do to cultivate a bad boy image?

Nice Guy in Last Place

Still need some advice? You probably won't find any in Liminal States, the sci-fi and horror novel by Zack Parsons, but feel free to buy a copy to be sure.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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