"2ndRateMime" made this funky mofo.

"obsequious" made this nifty little droid roundup.

"MagnumHB" brings us IG-88 and his amazing human hands. He's certainly a dapper gent, though.

More IG-88 love courtesy of "MagnumHB".

Great Scott! I think that concludes this week's spirited Parade of Robots. I know I've seen enough robots now that I'm pretty much sick of them. Anyway, big props to the SA Forum Goons for icing the cake as always. If you want to join in on the fun, the SA Forums is where it's at. Subtle hint to all the people asking me how to participate: I mention the SA Forums every week for a reason. Oh, and if you've ever wondered what ocular scabies might feel like, the next page should answer your question.

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