If you thought Final Fantasy forums were bad, wait until you see an entire forum dedicated to one game in the series and it's horrible spinoffs. The Advent Children.forums take the worst of Final Fantasy VII and amplifies it to scary, scary heights. These are the people that don't just think Sephrioth is hot, they actually want to have sex with him. Me? I was more into Barret.

You don't KNOW Sephrioth like I know Sephrioth.

NO GIRLS! Only hot anime man ass.

I shouldn't make fun of this guy. When I was 14 I spent 12 hours breeding chocobos to get the Knights of the Round materia. At least I'm not 25 and still doing things like that.

The more specialized a forum gets, the stranger the threads get.

Your uncle humors you. He really hates it when his gay cousin comes over to visit. I'm sorry I had to be the one to break the news to you.

Please don't knock any chicks up and create more Final Fantasy fuckheads. Please!

I know this post is sarcasm but trust me when I say that all anime fans think this way.

i jsut wanted to be a moderator...

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