There's a really good television show about jews that comes on every year. Really great stuff. It's called the Oscars.

Japan requires that all pornography containing genitals be censored when it is exported. I think that's it anyway. But really, that little black bar covering the huge tentacle penis raping the retarded school girl isn't really censoring anything.

Yeah, stealing is art in the same way shitting onto a canvas and rubbing yourself in it and maybe making a little shit angel is art.

I don't know what ICP is and I've never heard their music but I'm sure they are horrible.

I don't know about you but it sure looks like she's brewing something in her tub.

It's very easy to get away with murder as long as you plan it. Watch Law and Order a few times to see how they do it.

I'm sucking my own penis right now.

Go back in time and kill your parents.

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