As an avid fan of Final Fantasy I never go outside or socialize with anyone. I love all my level 99 characters with maxed stats and all the super special weapons and that one summon that takes roughly four days to get. My playtime is at 426 hours and 7 minutes.

When digging for posts in the Final Fantasy forum we struck gold and found some really crappy poetry.

Hahaha because, hahaha because none of them could get a date for the real prom. Hahahaha. So they, hahaha, have to have it on the internet. Hahahahahahahahaha!

Hahaha even at the internet prom he has no date. Hahaha.

Hahaha another one.

Okay this is just getting sad.

I delcare the internet prom a rousing success!

Oh "The Man" you are quite the chick magnet.

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