Menstrual Monday, submitted by Blue Calx. Now if there's one thing that I hate more than fat, whining broads, it's the goo that leaks out of their gaping holes every 10 days or whatever it is. Some crazy, chemical-addicted fatbag decided to take her precious gift of oozing fluids and make an entire computer screen site about it. Hey lady, way to go, I bet your husband is really fucking proud of your fat ass! Assuming he hasn't blown his head off years ago like he should've damn well done.

let cramps subside
and we will find
a way to bleed together
to make things better

Thanksgiving Day, we'll spill
cranberry sauce onto white
tablecloths, to symbolize
our menstrutivity

Hey, what a bunch of great ideas you dripping sacks of filth, why don't you write some poetry about your brains ricocheting off your ceiling fan once I break into your house and beat you to death with a canoe oar shaped like a Tampon? Or even better yet, why don't you just jump into a pool of cranberry sauce and electrical appliances so I dont have to look at your miserable PMS induced screen of shit? If you're still not convinced how monumentally stupid this computer screen is, have a look at the "Menstrumonials" section or "Menstrual Benefits in the Workplace" or even better yet, just stab yourself in the eye with a pole vault and call it even. Don't fucking forget to vote for me for PTA King, because if I'm elected I'll make a law against this kind of shit and maybe even make it illegal for broads to have menstruation.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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