A Dying Dream, submitted by Mr. Box.Let's get right to the heart of this matter. This site is for the band "A Dying Dream". That's right "ADD". That's all we need, a gaggle of kids with attention deficit disorder banging on pots and pans and wearing their mommy's makeup. I've linked shitty, angst-ridden bands before, but these cluster clowns take the cake. "Isis Hate" looks like the character who's the driving force behind this unfortunate gathering. This ugly kid has the amazing ability of making me want to punch him really hard in the face many, many times. These feelings transcend my natural hatered of all Goths. I really dislike the kid and wish him the worst with all my heart.GREASY GOTH FEELS PLAYFUL

Unfortunately, our ears won't be blessed with any downloadable songs by A Dying Dream until 2004. WHY MUST WE WAIT SO LONG? It's not like it really matters though, since all of their songs are either covers of Nirvana or Marilyn Manson. Let's just make the safe assumption that they suck badly. These guys are so popular that they even have their own forum, but it only has about 14 posts so they must have just made it, or nobody listens to their music or visits their site. I personally think it's the latter. Getting back to my immense dislike of this Isis Hate guy, he has site called Makeup & Murder. It's really worse than the band site, so I am giving you two ALOD's for the price of one. That is a great deal my friends. Be sure to check out his "peep show" and sign his guest book. These little ADD monkeys are going to taste internet justice, Boss Hogg style!

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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