Sex Tips, submitted by mischief860. Online sex tips from teenage Live Journal posters? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP!!

I just read the previous entry posted and in the thread, some guys mentioned that a man's orgasm isn't really all that great, that men essentially get jipped in the pleasure department - I was just curious as to the opinions' of the other guys in this group. Do you agree? I'm just curious. Am wondering if perhaps I've been wrong all this time...EEEEk! I hope not!

It is horrible. Truly awful. Don't ever get a penis attached to find out about it. It is totally not worth the effort.

I have a new boyfriend, and I really love having sex with him. The one problem is though- that he's really hung up on the fact that he can't make me come while having sex. He makes me come while fingering me and giving me oral sex and it's wonderful, although he's also mentioned that he wishes he could do better, I guess because sometimes it takes me a long time [I have no problems with that, I'm in no rush when I'm getting oral sex you know?] But I've never been able to come just from sex. Clitoral stimulation during sex distracts me, I'd much rather just fuck. And although it'd be nice to have an orgasm while having sex, I feel really close when we do it doggie style and I feel like it will happen eventually. I even gave myself a g-spot orgasm while masturbating just to make sure I could, even though no one else has ever given me one. It's really not an issue with me, but it seems to really bother him, as he mentions it kind of a lot. It's become an issue with me, just because every girl he's had sex with has come while having sex and it makes me feel insecure now. I guess I don't really have a specific question, but any advice anyone might have might make me feel better or even hopefully help the situation.

Yes, my advice is to slow down, take a deep breath, calm yourself, and then run - don't walk - to the medicine cabinet and empty everything you find there down your throat. Pills, styptic pencils, Mach 5 cartridges, whatever your mom and dad keep in there!

ok this is my story....on Wed i was @ my bf's and we were foolin around and he was fingering kinda hurt but it was the "good pain" i guess u could felt really good. I came home and peed and it stung a little...but that usually happens to me then im fine.... I was fine until Sunday...everytime i went to the bathroom it stung and it hurt to pee....and its still liek that....i havent had any dishcharge or im not sure what it also expecting my period (i was suppose to get it that wed) so idk whats goin on....any1 kno whats wrong?

It sounds like you're a moron. It's a perfectly normal medical condition that tends to occur in people who eat a lot of paint chips.

There are many more! I wish I had the time to help them all!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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