New World Order: HN51 Avian Bird Flu, submitted by Dark Eagle. Watching conspiracy theorists attempt to grapple with the threat of the bird flu epidemic is extremely rewarding. They want to say that the threat of the bird flu is just a scheme cooked up by George W. Bush to institute martial law, but they can't commit. They're also terrified of the idea of a global flu pandemic that will ravage the developed world because it plays right into their conspiracy theories.

Instead of actually saying anything or offering any constructive advice they just throw the whole mess at a wall and hope it sticks.

NB This purpose of this web page is not to scare but to inform you, it is the gov'ts that are trying to cause hysteria in order to push through their dialectic. This can be seen currently in America where Walker-Bush is using the threat of Bird Flu to bring about Martial Law, despite their not being one single episode of this flu occurring in America. On a world wide scene, the number of deaths remain below a hundred


You can do many things that will significantly boost your immunity, combat virii, enable you to maintain hygiene, kill any bug, eat safely etc, you can even do all this and more WITHOUT taking a vaccine - too much good advice to summarise.

"It's all a conspiracy to allow martial law, but here's how to survive it and also don't take any vaccines because the government is poisoning you!" It's astonishing these people can function in any sense of the word. "Stop breathing the air because the government put it there to poison you and hurricane Katrina and 9/11 was a bomb and Waco get in your bunkers with your distilled water and canned peaches, quick!"

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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