Steven Sutton, submitted by Sensurround. On Steve's website you can find more of his many projects, his livejournal, his non-video blog, pictures, links, opinions, his comic series "Internet Earl," and a collection of his fan fiction, most of which floats in the realm of surreal comedy. Take this "Star Trek: Voyager" masterpiece, for example:


(Tuvok is in his quarters, sleeping. He sees bizarre images in his mind, images which call to his primal, Vulcan side. He dreams of B'Elanna Torres, hungrily eating mushrooms in an expensive dining-room setting located in the middle of an isolated beach. He sees himself walking over to her and angrily grabbing a handful of mushrooms for himself off her plate. At that moment, they both watch as the fictional Earth character Pippi Longstocking dances around them, then turns into a pillar of salt. Torres slowly looks at him, growls, then attacks him and knocks him to the ground. Her arms turn into axes, which she flings around wildly, then attacks him with. Tuvok wakes up suddenly, bolting up in a cold sweat with an overwhelming sense of panic.)

His comic series is also really awesome, because it manages to out-nerd just about every nerdy web comic I've ever seen.

I love you Steve Sutton!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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