The Mpreg Archive, submitted by catpunch 2006. Mpreg is short for "male pregnancy". Stating that concept and actually realizing the implications are two entirely different things and if the Mpreg Archive has one good thing to offer, it's absolute crystal clarity on the issue of male pregnancy. I would say "too much information" and roll my eyes, but really, any information about male pregnancy is too much.

The main attraction of the Mpreg Archive is the enormous library of male pregnancy fanfic. All of it is carefully categorized for your convenience. There are, for example, a mere 29 X-men male pregnancy stories compared to the vast catalog of nearly 200 Harry Potter stories. Unfortunately, there is only one Ghostbusters story.

"Even non-demon-altered men still have a uterus," Egon told his lover.

"You're kidding," Peter said, agape with horror.

Shaking his head, Egon said, "No. It is severely undersized -- about two inches long -- and nothing more than a vestigial organ, but it is still there. The Alterra Demon most likely just enlarged it and made you...for lack of better terminology...fertile."

Stricken shock dawned on Peter's face. "So you mean that once this kid is cut out of me -- I could get pregnant *again*?" he squeaked. Egon shrugged. "Why do you think I've been studying up on sterility spells? If your sperm count is anything to go by, no matter whether you're on the giving or receiving end of intercourse, you're still extremely fecund. Especially considering we use condoms, and you *still* managed to get 'knocked up' as you say." Peter whimpered. "No sex?" he said plaintively. "Ever?" Egon's eyes went wide. "Oh, *God*, no. If worse comes to worst, you'll just have to be on top all the time." He smirked slightly. "Not a hardship for you *or* me, I'm sure."

Breathing a sigh of relief, Peter said, "You always know how to make me feel better, Spengs."

My absolute favorite part of the fiction archive is the section for the Diagnosis Murder Mpreg fiction. You will notice there is only one story there, but read on.

Nesting* by Sarah Saint Ives...Jesse volunteers to help with a fertility experiment. {Steve/Jesse}The author's final story, she will be missed.

That, in turn, links to a memorial page set up for the sole Diagnosis Murder male pregnancy erotic fanfic author. What's really amazing is that the memorial page actually links back to her Diagnosis Murder erotic fanfic as her sole Internet accomplishment. Perhaps it was no illness or accident that took Sarah Saint Ives from us...perhaps the diagnosis is...murder. Male pregnant murder.

While you're visiting the Mpreg Archive, be sure to check out their delightful "Challenges" section, wherein people offer up possible plot ideas for future Mpreg stories. All of them are fantastic, but a quick skim reading left me with this as my favorite head-scratcher:

I've been thinking about Polyjuice potion lately. I mean, if someone is polyjuiced to someone else and gets a 3rd person pregnant, who will the biological father be? (based on genes)

Anyways. Here's the challenge.

Harry has a crush on Severus. He talks Ron or someone else into polyjuicing themselves into Severus and having sex with Harry. Harry gets pregnant. When the baby is born it is clearly a Snape. What will Severus do when he finds out?

Pretty much all of them are Harry Potter or involve Xander from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, but they're all still hilarious.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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