Ukulele Lesson, submitted by jeff. Learn how to play a dorky instrument from an insane middle-aged Japanese fellow! BEGIN ENGRISH!

Study basic,so you should play for many people.You can play only 3 codes.But only 3 codes is just enough 3 codes.

@If your family and friends makes there's face bitter,you don't have to think about them. If you are poor player,but no problem,back slowly and fade away.

@There are no people to here your play.But if you are Erick Crapton ,it's exception.The basic style is "Nagashi"who is Japanese style street musician.This style is good for quick playing.

@Ukulele is miracle music instrment.The ukulele sound is never interrupt your talking of business and whisper of lovers.Ukulele is only staying here. This merit makes you easy to play for many people.

@If you hold such like a baby or cat under your arms,usually some people will makes merry and say "How pretty this baby! or How wise this cat!"In regard to it,the ukulele is not makes some people excite.You must train some tame music that showed in Chapter5."Twincle Twincle little star""Tafua fuwai""Blowin in the wind"etc...
So are you ready ?


This is actually a great site. It's got it all: pictures, text, hyperlinks… in short, it's a great example of the World Wide Web's potential exercised to its fullest. Learn how to play your favorite "Bob Dyran" songs!

Is the concert is all right? I told a lie. If you can play the guiter,you find out my lie. Don't angry ! I told a lie in necessary.

Don't worry about it, CRAZY MOLEST OF SCHOOLGIRL, you're the best ukulele teacher I've ever had! Stop reading my worthless drivel and learn how to play ukulele right now!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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