Serpent Fag

  • 2014 - Finally took the plunge to enter therapy. This year I begin a new life
  • 2019 - Summon up the courage to leave my 4th consecutive toxic therapist
  • 2026 - A chinese supercomputer assumes total control over every electrical system on the planet and subverts humanity to its will, forcing them to worship it as machine-god
  • 2028 - I switch antianxiety meds, move out of home, and start work at a call centre. Time to get out of this bullshit town

Anime Sandwich

2026 - Cyber-Anxiety is finally added to the DSM after years of intense cyber-protest.

dogcrash truther

2047 - Hoarding removed as a disorder from the DSM-7 because objects are really good and useful and you'd have to be sick in the head to throw any of them out.

James Hardon

  • 2015: I finally clean out my garage haha probably not but someday I'll get around to it
  • 2060: At roughly 8:32 PM on Tuesday the 11th of May 2060, a young woman finishes eating dinner at home and puts the dishes in the dishwasher

Sweet Blameless Child

2036: The world's military forces finally realize the tactical advantages of putting a shitload of LED's on their body armor and weapons.

stevie ray bong

2038: people are required to walk into a blue/purple cylindrical shape with a rotating 'C' above it in order to "save" their progress

no they will not

2040: Video ads in public places lose popularity with the advent of a new advertising technology - holographic ads that can display a 2d video screen slightly extruded from a wall or pre-existing ad

Yad Rock

20XX - Congress sets cap on the amount of headroom one can have. those who have "Maxed out" seek asylum in rooms full of rotating neon stripes

Thanks to dendy crew for the GIFs; you can enjoy music with him and have safe fun, on the web!

– FYAD (@g0m)

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