• 2021: large groups of Chinese tourists continue to stand still in doorways at major airports and famous tourist destinations
  • 2022: Chinese tourism continues to grow and competition for slots in the world's busiest doorways becomes fierce, Chinese begin to block doorways at public baths, cafes,and restuarants
  • 2023: running out of public doorways, Chinese tourists begin to invade people's homes and just stand in the spaces between rooms
  • 2024: all world doorways completely obscured by Chinese flesh

dendy crew

2063: aliens discover a ruined earth covered in skeletons, fake boobs and dildos and incorporate all three into their space fashions cluelessly

no they will not

  • 2024: Bill to change name of "Tokyo" to "Neo-Tokyo" passes unanimously
  • 2025: The world's rising crime rate coupled with falling education standards leads to massive growth in the bounty-hunting industry
  • 2027: Violent climate change and rising tides cause the trenchcoat to become the clothing of choice for 90% of the population
  • 2029: The second E-Cig Renaissance begins
  • 2031: Large deposits of neon gas found within the Achaemenides asteroid - humanity rejoices
  • 2032: Urban Dictionary buys out Oxford, Webster's dictionaries. Confusing, esoteric words become ubiquitous overnight

no they will not

  • 2097: Hackers favour the fingerless glove for its relative lightness, allowing them that extra edge in their phreaking activitities
  • 2098: The upper classes move to newly constructed "sky cities," citing narrative convenience
  • 2099: Private eyes outnumber criminals 50:1


2036: poor people still go out doors to stand around burning oil drums

no they will not

  • 2037 [Spring]: "The Calamity", occurs in Japan, eerily reminiscent of the nukes dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • 2037 [Autumn]: Google releases its latest "wearable computer" - looks like pipes and wires and shit that you strap to your face and arms and legs to make you more powerful and increase your hacking ability. Hardcore google fans, or "Juicerz", eagerly adopt the first generation hardware.
  • 2038: Japan has recovered from "The Calamity"... but life has changed...


2027: Yakuza infiltration of the signmakers guild results in massive increase in number of Japanese language signs and billboards


2032: the mayor of neo-la accidentally orders 100,000 new spotlights instead of 100.

no they will not

2042: After a video of president Macklemore mincing an oath goes viral on FailBlog2.org [the sequel to FailBlog], "Fuck" is superseded overnight by Frak, Fluck, Farb, and Femp

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