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Came out like it did due to the help of SA Forums Photoshop guru "Fork Banger". Fork Banger designed the cover and turned the PDF files I designed into jpegs. Thanks, Fork Banger!

I Am The Faggot Master!

It has come to my attention that, after only six months of service, I have used the word "faggot" more than any other SA writer in my articles. Some of the SA writers have been here for years and they haven't used the word "faggot" as much as me. This is something of an honor, and I'd like to thank my fans for making such an opportunity possible. Also, thanks to the faggots who took the time to compile this statistic! Have a faggoty day!

Movie Reviews

This week I crapped out pretty much the worst review I've ever written when I looked at The Hillz. Next time we'll be looking at "Hard Rock Zombies", a movie featuring zombie Hitler, werewolf Eva Braun, and serial killer Himmler.

Lowtax and I are currently trying to track down a movie called something like "Shampoo U". The boss caught it on late-night HBO or something like that and says it has something to do with black people (I think). If any of you have seen it/care to send me a copy, give me a shout via email.

*~PeAcE oUt DaWgZ~*

– Evan "Pantsfish" Wade

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