Zack: You were in a cult with this guy and you didn't even see his face?

Steve: We were all wearing hoods. It was that kind of scene, man. You have to stop the killer. The fire is trying to come all the way through. Through me and now this other man, the murders are forming some sort of have to...

Steve: He starts having a seizure on the bed and blood comes out of his nose. He manages to flail his arm and open the drawer on the nightstand. A musty book falls out.

Zack: I pick it up.

Steve: It is a copy of the Book of Dzyan. It's a minor occult book, but you see its pages are well-worn and marks have been made throughout it. You don't have much time to look at it though because nurses are rushing into the room to deal with Edward Barlow. They make you leave.

Zack: I give the book to Eazy-E. "Here you go home slice. Ancient language. This is your expertise."

Steve: It's actually in English.

Zack: "Psych!" I take the book back. Classic Cobain.

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