Zack: Kurt abandons his plans to transfuse her blood and returns to the motel room where Eazy-E and Left Eye have been setting up and he acts like nothing is going on. "Everything cool with you guys? Cool? Let's start investigating."

Steve: They are eager to get started.

Zack: Kurt is going to comb the book of Dylan or whatever it was called for any more clues that may pertain to this cult.

Steve: Fire features prominently and there are suggestions that it might be located underground somewhere.

Zack: Like in a ghoul tunnel?

Steve: There is no mention of ghouls in the book.

Zack: Okay, this guy was a businessman, so Left Eye is going to connect her laptop computer to a local BBS and see if she can find out anything about electronics businesses in East Chicago.

Steve: What about Eazy-E?

Zack: He will go to the antique books library of East Chicago and see if they have any ancient texts containing references to a flame cult that operates underground.

Steve: Since Kurt and Left Eye are both doing work from the motel room, let's leave them there and follow Eazy-E.

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