Zack: Roll D20 to summon Captain Planet.

Steve: If you're playing the game, you're winning. So when you quit playing you lose. So never stop playing. It was a trick.

Zack: Theoretical Finnish black man included for foreign market.

Steve: What if like you went to Finland and you went up to like a log cabin or whatever they have there and it turns out like in Finland RPGs are the coolest thing ever. Being a dungeon master is like being a stunt man.

Zack: I'm naming my character Riddick. I do all my own stunts.

Steve: Seriously, dude. Remember how fat chicks used to be super hot? Maybe Finland is like lost to time and RPGs will get you crazy sex with fine babes.

Zack: When was this time period when role playing games were cool?

Steve: Geneva, Wisconsin, 1978 through 1983. If I had a time machine that's where I would go.

Zack: If I had a time machine I would go back to about three hours ago right before I asked you if you wanted to do a WTF, D&D today and I would warn my past self not to do it.

Steve: It would create a time paradox because you only went back in time to warn yourself not to do the thing that prompted you to go back in time.

Zack: What about if I shoot myself in the brain? Will that create a time paradox?

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