"Mega Travelling"

Zack: We combed through a stack of Traveller books for these crappy pictures and way too many of them had pages like this one.

Steve: The game here is try to figure out what all that stuff means. I think one of those columns is for atmosphere composition of planets.

Zack: The one to the left of that is a list of lottery numbers.

Steve: One column is just "Ma" over and over.

Zack: I think I figured out two of them. Hexadecimal color values and geo-caching coordinates.

Steve: Dog man down there is gonna be amazed at what we find buried next to the rock shaped like a wiener.

Zack: Yes! One of those plasma spheres you can buy at Sharper Image!

Steve: Welcome to the amazing technological future, dude. It's a lot like winning the lottery.

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