Zack: The one on the left is all "oh no he jus di-int"

Lowtax: "I can't believe he's parking the van like that."

Zack: "Look at that guy's normal size pant legs. He is soooooo last spring."

Lowtax: If you cover up the left half of the picture, it looks like a clothing line sponsored by Chia.

Zack: That's actually not a bad idea. It would be awesome to grow some pants and a sweater. Of course it would probably be unsanitary and women would end up with vaginas that looked like terrariums.

Lowtax: Well that's certainly better than wrapping a throw rug around your legs and stealing the Tin Man's shoes, like Chia Chick's sassy counterpart.

Zack: She's totally wearing fat guy pants.

Lowtax: The Robocop line of footwear is all the rage this Summer!

Zack: Hey, if flashing lights in your heels can be a trend so can making KA-CHUNK KA-CHUNK sounds when you walk around.

Lowtax: She probably pays Chia Chick to make the sounds for her. She's a lackey, no doubt about it. Look at that subservient facial expression.

Zack: "Whatever you command, Necky."

Lowtax: "One of these days your arm isn't going to be there to catch your torso when it falls off, and I will be waiting to support you with my healthy, green limbs."

Zack: If you sort of unfocus your eyes and look past the image a picture of a fucking awesome bong will come out of the blue tunic.

Lowtax: What's going on with those bushes in the back? Is that the "angry swan on top of the world" type of bush trimming theme?

Zack: I think I saw those bushes in the background in Super Mario 3.

Lowtax: The thing I hated about Super Mario 3 was that everybody went crazy over the Tanooki Suit, but really, it was pretty worthless.

Zack: The thing I hated about Super Mario 3 were the living bullets because what sort of life can someone have if their only purpose is to be shot out of a cannon and fly in a straight line hoping the enemy doesn't jump over you. And if he does, what then? You glide endlessly through the air, trapped in an earthly hell where you began your life knowing you failed in your only purpose.

Lowtax: That and the fact that the bullets were resistant to gravity, as they showed absolutely no sign of losing either velocity or height from the ground. How far did they keep going? Did they eventually circle around the entire world and end up hitting the bullet-shooting machine?

Zack: Or was their velocity so great that they defied the curvature of the earth and disappeared into the void, alone and forgotten, hoping to be caught in the gravitational pull of a star or black hole so that their ageless journey might finally and mercifully end?

Zack: Fuck those bushes.

Lowtax: And the angry swans they rode in on.

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