Dr. Thorpe:Okay, no complaints about this. This cat is ultra-mod.

Zack:He looks like he's playing an instrument from a science fiction movie.

Dr. Thorpe:That's actually a sitar. You know, the thing that ruined the Beatles.

Zack:And made Ravi Shankar.

Dr. Thorpe:Yeah, Ravi's alright, but think of all the horror the sitar has wrought. Kula Shaker, anyone?

Zack:Isn't that an opium pipe? Odd choice.

Dr. Thorpe:He's a man of the world. The opium feeds his mellow sophistication. The sunglasses hide the fact that his pupils are the size of dimes.

Zack:Somehow I think this guy would end up with a knife in his kidney if he walked into most of the dens in Shanghai.

Dr. Thorpe:No way. He's the owner.

Zack:He sees a red door and he wants it painted black.

Dr. Thorpe:Actually, here's something bad I can say of this guy: the Londoner holding an Indian instrument and looking smug reeks of arrogant British imperialism. I have conquered your nation and now I have conquered fashion."

Zack:What really undermines his hep catness is the company's motto. "Hornes: Where a man can toot his own trumpet."

Dr. Thorpe:Yeah, the motto sounds like it's from a carpet store in New Jersey. I think a rookie copywriter added that motto without asking and was promptly fired.

Zack:Or thrown into a bog. Either way, throats were slit.

Dr. Thorpe:Slit by the frighteningly calm sitar-pimp pictured here, no doubt.

Zack:Hornes ships these guys out by the hundreds to play for the amusement of MANATCA.

Dr. Thorpe:I think it sounds more menacing if we call it "The MANATCA." Makes it sound more like the evil criminal syndicate it is.

Zack:They know a hundred ways to kill with a collar alone.

Dr. Thorpe:Later defeated by the ruthless Etro in the 1985 Beardocaust.

Zack:Who knew tying weights into a beard could turn it into a deadly weapon? Etro, that's who.

Dr. Thorpe:Many Etro footsoldiers were killed by the razor sharp collars of The MANATCA though, surely.

Zack:I'm sure the bog runneth over on that red day.

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