Best Creativity

terminatueur!!! by choucroute volante

It's always hard for me to judge this category because I think everyone is super creative even if they do sort of suck with their skills. This French dude won this year because you can totally see he has zero skills. I don't even know what's going on here. Looks like a circuit piece on the back and a melty figure and some Tau guns or something. Not sure. And then it's on a green base and stuff. I think this is basically situationist miniature painting so I don't quite get it. I didn't want to look dumb so I gave it the award.

Most Anarchic Lord of the Rings Character

Gandalf by Der Knecht

Der Knecht's Gandalf wins out in a fairly crowded field, besting Oi! Legolas from fancylad89 and CatherinetheApe's Brighton Ringwraiths. A lot of chav-related miniatures, so I may open up this category to those next year.
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