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"Strong: The Mitt Romney/Rick Perry Rap"

SH: okay so i don't know for sure but i'm guessing that once again we are dealing with a ron paul supporter

SH: this sort of 'poor me' routine is usually the sole provenance of paulites

DFH: This reminds me of that Rage Against the Machine video where Gore's face morphs into Bush's

SH: yeah that was some deep shit

SH: i figured we needed a little palette cleanser

DFH: Whoever this guy is, I'm positive he has a Mac, because I think he used every vocal effect in Garageband in 39 seconds

SH: i didn't know Garageband had a "mouth full of Doritos" effect

"Raise The Debt Ceiling"

SH: okay so this is not about a presidential candidate at all, but just some cool political concepts and awesome costumes

DFH: Oh I get it, America spends frivolously like those darn rappers

DFH: See, America raising the debt ceiling is like poppin' bottles.

DFH: Good joke, white guy with a green screen.

SH: have you ever wondered what it would be like if ali g wasn't funny, like, at all

"Big Dog Rick Santorum (RAP)"

SH: see i went into this hoping i could find a rap for every GOP candidate

SH: and i was like "no way there is a santorum song"


SH: wait is he rapping or doing standup?

DFH: I think the correct answer is "neither."

SH: this is what gallagher thinks rap is like

SH: somewhere in a rundown single-room occupancy hotel, gallagher is having the fevered dreams of the desperate, and this is one of those dreams

DFH: Related video by same user: "WOMEN are FOREIGN to me"

SH: when you click on the "WOMEN are FOREIGN to me" link it's just a different song with "WHO WANTS A BIG DOG" over and over but this time he's singing it plaintively and pointing at himself

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