Trillaphon: Heigh ho, heigh HOLY SHI-

Hydrogen: I thought this was supposed to be a cut-rate evil corporation kind of deal, but hiring actual dwarves to work in your chemical mine can't be cheap.

Trillaphon: It is if you're willing to stoop to hiring Gimli's smelly mouth-breathing cousin Randall and his not-all-there posse of good ol' dwarves from the Moria backwoods, who may or may not have the mental capacity to stop drilling after hitting a rich, fiery vein of pure Balrog.

Hydrogen: "Hey guys, this rock is glowing and also on fire, should I keep jackhammering it, or...? Guys? It kind of looks like it might explode and kill us all? Okay, I'm going to keep going."

Trillaphon: Speaking of workplace safety, I like how their office has a side door that just opens right into the massive cave system full of volatile chemicals and heavy industrial equipment.

Hydrogen: They lost 4 interns to that door before they finally put a sign on the door that said "Bathrooms down other hallway."

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