Hydrogen: The titular plot device/gimmick is of course the magic resurrection bracelets that can bring anyone back from the dead, even from being shot in the face and exploding in a fiery car crash. And we haven't even showed you the ridiculous extra-life moments yet.

Trillaphon: Judge Reinhold is just constantly bewildered and amazed by everything that comes out of his own mouth. He's like the white Ice-T.

Hydrogen: Maybe that explains why he willingly sacrifices himself at the first opportunity, despite having no less than 8 "life bands" left. He's more suicidal than a kamikaze pilot with a major depressive disorder.

Trillaphon: Who wouldn't want to shuffle off this mortal laser-powered time coil when their only paths of existence involve either a dreary, oppressive dystopian nightmare world, or a marauding gang of genocidal psychic rapists who look like an off-brand Serbian Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band?

Trillaphon: Also, his character's name is Merkhin, so really it's a miracle that he survived to adulthood in the first place.

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