Trillaphon: See, the problem is that they scheduled their wedding for 6:30, and the church sign clearly said "Friday: 7:00, Time Rapists Swap Meet".

Hydrogen: Suddenly I'm open to this movie having a sequel made, but only if the title is "Time Rapist 2: Electric Boogaloo".

Hydrogen: Also, I'm loving that Time Kiedis has a Chechen Methhead ex-con Flea lookalike to tag along with him. Not sure about Fat Chad though.

Trillaphon: Red Hot Chili Rapers & the Bongadingle Psychic Funkaholic Murder Train Experience: A Loving Tribute to RHCP.

Trillaphon: Boodoodoo-doo dang da ding da dang dong/California gonna mourn ya when I'm sniffin your thong/Chinga plinka tank-a thunka dong ding doo/Gotta pocket fulla roofies gonna use em on you/

Hydrogen: We have to give some credit to the supposedly evil totalitarian alternate-universe government, because they were 100% right about this guy being a mass murderer who probably shouldn't be set free.

Trillaphon: Rarely does somebody fuck up the dystopia angle so badly that they accidentally make the oppressive iron-fisted Orwellian shadow government the good guys.

Hydrogen: That's just the kind of moral tone-deafness we've come to expect from Worth Keeter, the man who recast the heroic and charismatic 007 as a molesty-eyed sociopath who wafts around the globe with a baboon in a ninja costume plundering Nazi gold to fund his creepy semi-nude dinner parties and obsessive hoarding of quasi-racist asian decor.

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